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Step 1: Provide your Collection Address


Step 2: Provide your Delivery Address


Step 3: Describe the package

If an accurate description is not available please select 'Other' option. If you are sending goods of different types, please select 'Multiple' option. Items in red are considered dangerous but can still be shipped. Internet Express will not courier any of the prohibited items in grey.

With this Bulk Upload, please upload an Excel file which contains your package(s) dimensions. Your file should be in the format of the (template, download it here) with the first row a Header and then followed by a row per package that you would like to send. PLEASE NOTE - The weight per line should be entered as the TOTAL weight for those items if the Number of Parcels is more than 1 item.

Column A Column B Column C Column D Column E
Row 1 Number Of Packages Length (in cm) Width (in cm) Height (in cm) Weight (in kg)
Row 2 onwards example 1 20 30 10 1.5