Integration for e-commerce businesses

The process below details the high-level integration process as well as the benefits to integration. Our integration documentation is also available for download in PDF format by clicking here.
  • Automation

    The system enables an automated delivery quote so customers can choose the service that suits them while knowing the associated cost at first glance.
  • Direct Integration

    There is no cross subsidising as you are integrating to the provider themselves, not a 3rd party.
  • Online Tracking

    Online tracking creating peace of mind
  • Automated Waybill

    The system generates an automatic waybill once the courier transaction is completed.
  • Access to Accounts

    Merchants have access to 30-day accounts when integrating with the Internet Express API
  • Online Booking

    Online booking. No more phone calls!
  • Worldwide Delivery

    National and international shipping.
  • No Manual Intervention

    Shipping becomes part of your online business allowing customers a full e-commerce experience that is instantaneous.
  • Customer Profiles

    We build a customer history profile and ensure an internal audit trail.
  • Automated Reports

    We offer courier analysis reporting allowing you to view historic data, returns information, bulk manifests and more.
  • No Costs

    Integrating into our API is completely FREE.
  • Integration Discounts

    You are eligible to a minimum of 10% discount if you integrate today!