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  • Where are the Internet Express Offices situated?

    53 Maple Road, Pomona

  • What are the hours of service for Internet Express?

    Internet Express will gladly assist you with any collection request you may have.

    Should any special delivery requirements need to be met on either a Saturday, After Hours or Public Holiday, kindly ensure that this information is communicated to us,you may contact our support number.

    Please note that should any online or telephonic collections be placed between the following hours, the collections will be effected as follows:

    Area Of Collection Time Of Order Placed Collection Effected
    Major Area 08H00 - 13H30 On Sameday as request
    Major Area 14h00 - 17h00 Following working day
    Regional Area 08h00 - 12h00 On Sameday as request
    Regional Area 12h00 - 17h00 Following working day

    Please note that if collections are placed after 14h00 for major areas and after 12h00 for regional collections, there will be a working day's delay in the delivery of the shipment. These shipments may not be delivered the following working day. In order to guarantee a next working day delivery, please ensure that you comply to the above times.

    Should a Sameday collection be requested for deliver Afterhours, a surcharge will be levied.
    If a collection is placed either telephonically or online for collection on a Friday for delivery Saturday, a "Saturday surcharge" will be levied for the delivery. This delivery can be expected between 08h00 - 13h00.

    Any requests for a delivery or collection effected on a Public Holiday will also attract a surcharge.

  • Are prices displayed for shipments subject to change without notification?

    Should the actual weights and dimensions of the consignment differ to those given when the collection is requested, and /or the consignment exceeds the chargeable mass stipulated, Internet Express reserves the right to re-cost the shipment and charge out accordingly.

  • Should I want to cancel a order, is the full payment refunded?

    No, a 10% handling fee will be levied for cancellations and deducted from the refund.

  • If I request a collection on the website over a weekend, when will the parcel be collected?

    The parcel will be collected the following working day, unless stipulated that a Saturday collection or any other special service is requested that relates to a week-end collection or delivery.

  • Are my goods insured when I use Internet Express?

    Internet Express will provide to the Customer a Freight Guard Warranty against loss or damage to goods during the carriage and while the goods are in the possession and control of Internet Express, subject to the limitations and exclusions set out under the "FreightGuard Service Guarantee”. Internet Express will levy a nominal fee of R10.00 for R 2,500.00 cover or R 20.00 for R 5,000.00 cover. Kindly review our Standard Terms and Conditions for a detailed explanation.

  • How does the size of parcel effect the cost?

    Courier shipments are charged on the greater of actual mass or volumetric weight, both measured in kilograms. The measurement of actual mass is made by way of a scale.

    The Measurement of volumetric weight is made by way of a calculation that converts the volume (ie. size of parcel) into a kilogram equivalent, this equivalent if greater than the Actual Mass will be the basis upon which the per kilogram charge is made. The greater of Actual Mass and Volumetric weight is referred to as the Chargeable Mass.

    To calculate volumetric weight: simply measure the parcel/box in centimetres and then multiply the three dimensions and divide by the volumetric conversion factor applicable to the service requested, giving the volumetric weight in kilograms.

    For example:
    LENGTH (cm) x BREADTH (cm) x HEIGHT (cm) = No. KG’S

    45cm x 50cm x 42cm = 18.9 KG’S (Remember to round up)

    The actual mass is 15 kg’s and the volumetric weight is 19 kg’s, therefore the chargeable mass is 19 kg’s.

    Volumetric Conversion Factors By Service

    Domestic Courier - Budget Courier - 5000
    Domestic Courier - Express - 5000
    Domestic Courier - Public Holiday - 5000
    Domestic Courier - Road Freight - 4000
    Domestic Courier - Same Day - 5000
    Domestic Courier - Saturday - 5000
    Excess Baggage - Excess Baggage - 6000
    Excess Baggage - Unaccompanied Baggage - 6000
    International Courier - Documents - 5000
    International Courier - Non-Documents 5000

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Domestic service
  • What is classified as a "Regional Area"?

    A regional area is any Town or City in South Africa that is not catered for via a daily flight schedule. In order for this to be possible the area must be within the delivery range of a recognised Airport. All regional areas will have a delay in the delivery time, as most of these areas are not serviced daily.

International service

Prohibited, hazadous and dangerous goods