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Integration for eCommerce businesses

There are a number ways you can integrate directly into Internet Express, so that your website can provide seemless delivery. Our API and plugin will enhance your customers checkout process by providing the building blocks to deliver their new acquisition.
We provide a RESTful API for custom developed websites as well as plugins for WooCommerce, Shopfiy, Magento, NOP Commerce.
To start using the API or one of the plugins, please register with Internet Express and then also complete the Integration with IE form, from this link

The process below details the high-level integration process as well as the benefits to integration. Our integration documentation is also available for download in PDF format by clicking here.
  • Automation

    The system enables an automated delivery quote so customers can choose the service that suits them while knowing the associated cost at first glance.
  • Direct Integration

    There is no cross subsidising as you are integrating to the provider themselves, not a 3rd party.
  • Online Tracking

    Online tracking creating peace of mind
  • Automated Waybill

    The system generates an automatic waybill once the courier transaction is completed.
  • Access to Accounts

    Merchants have access to 30-day accounts when integrating with the Internet Express API
  • Online Booking

    Online booking. No more phone calls!
  • Worldwide Delivery

    National and international shipping.
  • No Manual Intervention

    Shipping becomes part of your online business allowing customers a full eCommerce experience that is instantaneous.
  • Customer Profiles

    We build a customer history profile and ensure an internal audit trail.
  • Automated Reports

    We offer courier analysis reporting allowing you to view historic data, returns information, bulk manifests and more.
  • No Costs

    Integrating into our API is completely FREE.
  • Integration Discounts

    You are eligible to a minimum of 10% discount if you integrate today!