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Who is responsible for packaging?

Internet Express will not be held liable for any damages that may occur to a shipment due inadequate packaging. It is the responsibility of the sender to package the item satisfactorily. Where possible, Internet Express will assist with basic packaging of the item, however a minimal fee will be levied for this service.

Which prepaid boxes can I make use of?

Prepaid boxes have been categorised into the following:

  • Express Box: A Stock 3 box should be used (up to 2kg’s actual mass)
  • Budget Courier Box: A Stock 4 box should be used (up to 5kg’s actual mass)
  • Road Freight Box: A Stock 5 box should be used (up to 10kg’s actual mass)

These stock boxes can be purchased from any packaging supplier; alternative prepaid packs of 10 can be purchased from Internet Express. Re-used boxes will be accepted, provided they are in good condition for transport. It is advised that you “snug fit” your package contents to avoid movement during delivery.