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How are costs calculated?

Courier costs are determined by the following detail provided when placing a collection online:

  • Area of collection
  • Area of destination
  • Service requested
  • Chargeable mass of package
  • Service Guarantee selected

The Internet Express website will provide the various service offering and costs based on the details above.

is what I see is what I pay?

The quick estimate functionality on the website is a guideline to the expected courier charges which may be levied. The following applies to all "quick estimates":
  • Rates presented include VAT and fuel levy.
  • Rates are based on the actual mass supplied, dimensions are not taken into account
  • The actual rate may differ if the volume exceeds the mass supplied to calculate the quick estimate, which may result in an additional amount being levied.
  • An agent from the Internet Express call centre will contact you to verify dimensions, alternatively please follow step 1 – 6 on the domestic booking page to receive a finalised quotation and to complete your transaction.

Are cancelled orders refunded?

Internet Express reserves the right to levy an admin fee for cancellations and refunds.

Can I track my consignment online?

Courier shipments are charged on the greater of actual mass or volumetric weight, both measured in kilograms. The measurement of actual mass is made by way of a scale. The measurement of volumetric weight is made by way of a calculation that converts the volume (ie. size of parcel) into a kilogram equivalent. If this equivalent is greater than the actual mass, the volumetric mass will be the basis upon which the per kilogram charge is made. The greater of actual mass and volumetric weight is referred to as the chargeable mass.

To calculate volumetric weight, simply measure the parcel/box in centimeters and then multiply the three dimensions and divide by the volumetric conversion factor applicable to the service requested, giving the volumetric weight in kilograms.

For example:

Volumetric conversion factors by service:
  • Domestic courier: Express - 5000
  • Domestic courier: Budget courier - 5000
  • Domestic courier: Road freight - 4000
  • Domestic courier: All premium services - 5000
  • International: documents – 5000
  • International: non-documents - 5000
  • Excess baggage - 6000