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International Documents

A consignment collected from your door in South Africa and delivered to the receiver's door anywhere in the world.

International Documents is specifically for loose, unbound printed matter only. This excludes proposals, bank drafts, deeds or any bound printed matter that cannot be faxed.

Delivery times are zone specific. Each destination is linked to a zone and these zones are linked to transit times for deliveries.

When submitting your transaction, you will be notified on the destinations zones and transit times.

International Packages

For any other items that are not loose printed matter can be sent using international non-documents.

Please refer to the description of the parcels when completing your transaction as to ensure that you do not send any prohibited, hazardous or dangerous goods. You will be prompted to insert a value for your consignment, and dependant on this, you will be notified as to what documents customs will require to ensure expedious treatment of your goods.

Destination zones and transit times can be viewed when completing your area of destination.

Clearing and Airfreight

Although Internet Express is able to provide an Import and Airfreight service, these do not lend themselves to being available on our website due to the daily fluctuations and costs associated.

Feel free to contact our call centre for advise and a quote, or email